Toast for breakfast……………..

This is going to be a short ass post. It will be short because we ate at Ya Kun Kaya Toast  for breakfast. Which means we had toast.

Toast for breakfast, how imaginative, how fresh.

I don’t know what else to add….this was really good toast? haha. This is a popular breakfast dish in Singapore so we tried it.

How you eat it……………..

You are supposed to dip / pour the eggs onto the toast.

Yeah pretty interesting combination I guess.

Again it’s just toast.

OH it’s famous for Kaya, which is this sweet sauce. Yes that was pretty good I must admit.

Not really my kind of dish to be honest, especially when I am trying to lower that carb count.

Good to try if you are in Singapore I guess.

Eggs + Coffee
Toast + Singapore + Coffee
Different angle
Ya Kun Kaya

Written from Singapore, Pan Pacific on November 26, 2017

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