Writer’s Block……

That’s right.   I am experiencing writers block.  Part of the reason is because I haven’t been to a new place in awhile.  But that’s really an excuse.  There’s so much of Hong Kong I still haven’t explored.  I really need to do that.


Lately I have just been feeling tired (as usual I know).  Don’t know why, just cant’ seem to bring myself to write.  I try to think of new ideas, but it’s just not coming out!

Think I need to get some inspiration.  Maybe I’ll start my movie reviews again (those were pretty crappy).

I have been reading a lot…maybe I can do a book review? You know what, I am going to do that.

Yes..that is why I posted a picture of me reading in shanghai. hahah.  Inspiration!!!!

Books I have read so far?  In the order that I finished:

Harry Potter (the entire series)

The Martian

The girl on the train

I will write about those books.

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  1. A nice book to read around breathtaking Mother Nature is never a bad idea in the meanwhile.

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