Hong Kong


It was the start of the long easter weekend, so what better way to start off than to go hiking? We decided to go to the Wilson Trail in Hong Kong (near Causeway Bay) for a hike.  Hong Kong definitely has a lot of good hiking trails, and I vow to do more of these hikes in the near future!


Getting There

Getting to the Wilson Trail is really easy.  You can take a mini van from causeway bay (at Lockhart road).  You will take the number 5 bus as shown below:


Once you get on the bus, get off at the Petro Station.  There just walk up for 10 minutes until you see the following section.  This is where the Wilson trail begins!
The Wilson Trail has many different sections, and we decided to tackle on one of the harder trails, called the Twin Peaks.  My coworker told me that there were at least 1000 steps to this trail, and I think she was right!

The entire twin peak trail was just uphill, with no flat roads so it was very tough.  Along the way I saw a lot of old people walking in this trail, which made me feel kind of bad since I was so out of shape.  I really need to do more exercising =p.

Took some gorgeous photos off the trail, have a look here:


Very rewarding hike today.  We ended up in Stanley, where I walked around some more.  Stanley will be another post for another day, so stay tuned!

Happy Easter everyone!



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