Tapa Vino! More tapas! Don’t know why! But let’s just eat tapas anyways!  This one is located in Sydney, called Tapa Vino.  Apparently it’s listed on the Time Out Sydney website.  Okay sure. It was okay…….I think I’ve had better in Shanghai.


But for those that still want to try it out, the website and address is as follows:

6 Bulletin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000

Maybe because it was a friday night, but this place was packed. Couldn’t get a seat till 815 (we got there at 8) but anyhow.  Apparently you can only make reservations on the second level.  The first level is for walk ins only.  Cool.  We couldn’t wait by the bar, because it was full.  I guess it’s a good sign.

We ordered the Chorizo (first picture).  It was a bit salty for my taste..but maybe that’s the Australian taste? Not sure.

We also ordered the trout with peas.  This was a cold dish.  It was alright.

Then we had the quail.  More like, baby quail.  Like that babies of the quails.  I don’t know if that even makes sense.  It was just small in general.


And of course we ordered a pure veggie dish.


Despite my comments about the dishes being small, we were really full.  The two beers that I had probably didn’t help with things.  Nor did my intake of bread that night.  But it was still a filling night.  I am always worried about eating at Tapas because I am not sure if I will get full.  But, yeah never been disappointed.

On to the next tapas place!


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