I only have one picture for post.

Why choi? Why did you fail?

Because I was having lunch with a client so yes, I can’t be all noob and snapping photos left and right. I will try though next time because I definitely need to bring life boss here.

The restaurant that I am speaking of is Bymark. Located in the heart of downtown, this place is a fabulous place to take your clients or buddies out. It’s central, it has great service, and great atmosphere.

Well I assume the atmosphere would be good. Due to COVID19 it has screwed everything up, but I am sure this place would be popping when everything goes back to normal.

Although a bit pricey, the portions here is pretty good, and the food well you know I would say is uh-mazing. The waiter recommended that we get the burger and that’s what we both did. Topped if off with a 9 ounce glass of wine and all is good in this world.

OH and the patio is heated. Can’t go wrong with that.

Sorry I only have one photo, I am planning to go back soon so I will add more photos to this post (I hope I remember though).

this picture is a bit different than the header photos…i know it looks the same but its diff…

Written from Toronto, Home on September 26, 2020


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