Was waiting for my mom while she had her eye cataract surgery…

and naturally I was hungry….because it was noon? duh.

What to do..what to do…

Only one thing to do…find a restaurant to eat lunch…

yes what a stupid post. I was in scarborough (ghetto scarborough!) so of course I had to eat something asian. Was walking around the midland and finch plaza when I came across a Yunshang Rice Noodle. I LOVE YUNNAN noodles for those that don’t know, but unfortunately I haven’t had it in awhile because life boss can’t eat spicy food anymore. Apparently when she eats spicy food baby boss gets diarrhea. And when that happens I get hit and yelled at.

So it’s basically a lose lose situation for all.

But since I was single this day I got the chance eat it. So eat it I shall.

Sat down at the “patio” section” which is really the parking lot. LoL. Chinese people, so creative. Well it was a nice breezy day so all good, although in the back of my mind I was worried some car will hit me from the back. And the fumes…must have been inhaling a lot of fumes. Oh well.

I sat down, ordered a spicy beef noodle, with a mango slush because why the fuck not.

Not surprissingly, the soup base was damn delicious. I added extra beef because why the fuck not.

I could have added more noodles too, but per my female friend my waist line is getting bigger, so I opted not to. That was probably a good idea.

Overall, great dining experience. I think Fudao and Yunshang are my favorite yunnan places in Toronto!

Just chilling on the patio
Spicy noodles
too bad my photos don’t look good
Mango Slush

Written from Toronto, Home on September 26, 2020

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