Finally visited MaoKong in Taipei City!!  Aside from the scenery, this place is also famous for it’s tea. Getting here is pretty easily, just get off at the Taipei Zoo stop at the Wenshan Line. Once you get off, the MaoKong Gondola station is about a 10 minute walk.  Just follow the signs! Note – you have to take the Gondola to reach MaoKong, or alternatively you can take a taxi.


When taking the Gondola, you can actually stop at three stations:  Taipei Zoo Station, Zhinan Temple Station, and Maokong Station.  Since we wanted to visit both the Zhinan temple and Maokong, we opted to purchased the multi trip pass (about 120NTD each).  Snapped a photo of the Gondola:


The ride provided some nice views of the natural surroundings in Taipei, but because it is constantly moving you have to get your camera ready.  Further, this is not for people that are scared of heights.  The Gondola travels quite high!  I believe I saw a sign that said the highest point is about 2000 Meters up. It was a bit windy that day too, so I felt the Gondola swinging a little bit…but I still recommend you try =) Snapped a photo while riding the Gondola:

Got off our first stop, which is the Zhinan Temple.  Since I was on this trip with my dad I guess he would be more interested in this kind of stuff.  The temple itself was pretty neat, the architecture was definitely what I expected.



Here’s a fun bit of information that I read online.  Apparently unmarried couples that visit this mountain will break up, because of the gods that live in this temple will use his sexual prowess to lure the women away.  So I guess couples should not come here, hehe.  That being said, the temple does provide a great view of the city of Taipei.

After our visit to the Zhinan Temple, our next stop was at MaoKong.   MaoKong has a large number of restaurants and tea houses which they are known for.  Took a picture while around MaoKong:


We walked around the area for about 30 minutes before settling on a restaurant. The restaurant was okay, we just wanted to try the tea and enjoy the scenery.  However the restaurant had a 200NTD per person spend requirement, so we decided to order some food:


LIke I said, the food wasn’t the greatest which is why I won’t be writing a separate post about it.  But the view was just breath taking.

That’s it! Taipei was great, and I am looking forward to coming back!

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  1. Aww…I miss home! This is one of my favorite weekend getaways!

  2. You were lucky with the weather – the last shot looks really great!

  3. Wow! The view down the hill makes it look like the city is so nicely fit into its beautiful natural surroundings.


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