My to do list in Shanghai!!


Picture of shanghai from my hotel room! Yep i am in shanghai! I am writing this through my phone app as china is blocking every social network known to man. Ill try my best to keep with my posting.

Anyways I am very excited about my trip to Shanghai, China. Although it is not my first time into China, it is my first time to Shanghai.

I usually do some research ahead of my trip, on what is a must see / do in that particular city.  I’d like to share with you all what I have gathered so far!

The Bund

The first thing that I want to see in Shanghai is the Bund.  This is the riverfront boardwalk, with lot’s of bars and restaurants.  I expect this to be a very relaxing walk with a lot of good food.  For my own reference, the address is as follows:

  • 5 The Bund at Guangdong Lu, Shanghai, China 200002

Nanjing Road

Per the internet, this is labelled as the Number 1 Street in China and is renowned for the history and culture of Shanghai.  It is 1,033 meters long, and lies between the Bund and the People’s Square (see next point).   Apparently there are more than 600 shops on this road, ranging from specialty shops to brand names.  Not the biggest shopper but I think this is something I need to experience. 

People’s Square

This is the site of Shanghai’s municipal government.  Fun fact: Before this was for government establishments, it was actually a race course!  Of course with the People’s of Republic being in power all gambling and horse racing has been banned.  Since People’s square is on the Nanjing Road, I’ll probably stop by by here and snap a couple of photos.

Admittedly, i have been told Shanghai has an great range of high quality bars and clubs.  Lately I have been clubbed out so I may not go clubbing, but I’ll definitely check out a couple bars here.  I particularly like the bars with a great view of the city, and from my brief research a couple of bars have popped up:

  • VUE Bar
  • Kathleen’s Waitan

The pictures from these bars that I have seen so far are absolutely stunning.  Can not wait to pay a visit.

 Lupu Bridge

One of the famous bridges in Shanghai.  Apparently it only costs 80 RMB to get to the top of the bridge where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the city (Hopefully it’s not foggy).  This is definitely one of the must dos for me.

Address is as follows:

909 Luban Lu, Huangpu District, Shanghai

That’s it for now! I am very excited about this trip, if you have already been to Shanghai please let me know what other places I should go to!


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