I have nothing against vegetarians.

It’s your life and it’s your choice. How you want to live your life is certainly up to you. So it’s cool you don’t want to eat meat.

BUT don’t try to convert me yo! It’s also my life and my choice, and I need my damn meat in my life!

So when my life asshole vegetarian friend took us out to this Korean restaurant called Sunrise House I was thinking this better not be a vegetarian Korean restaurant.


Thankfully Asshole friend was not a complete asshole, and it was a normal Korean restaurant.

Asshole friend is also quite ballsy.


Life boss and I are avid lovers of Korea food, mainly from our love for Seoul / Korea.

So pretty ballsy for to bring us to a Korean restaurant in Toronto.


The ordering dilemma.

So Choi, did you order pure veggie dishes since your friend is a non meat eater?

Fuck no!


We order whatever we want to god damn eat!

Of course, I’m not a complete asshole so we ordered a mixture of meat and NON meat dishes.  We ended up order two meat dishes, and two non meat dishes. That seems fair to me.

So my advice when dining with vegetarian friends, is to order whatever you want to eat. BUT, try to be a bit fair when order the dishes okay?

And vegetarian friends, don’t get stressed when I eat steak in front of you okay? I mean I’m not complaining that half our table is full of shit I don’t usually eat.

Side note – I saw this one video where vegans were protesting against a meat restaurant.  What the fuck? Everyone has their own ideologies, don’t try to tell me how your values are better than mine! Chill the fuck out, and we can all change for the better.


Let’s talk about the food now….

  • Our damn delicious Galbi Beef Ribs! This was damn delicious although at the end of the meal I believe I ate most of the ribs. The girls didn’t have much of an appetite (they complained about their “spicy stew”. And of course asshole friend doesn’t eat meat.Untitled
  • The girls “spicy” tofu stew. I put quotes around spicy because I had some of Life Boss’ stew and I really didn’t think it was that spicy. It was okay spicy but not the point to what they were describing. Come on! It’s winter, it’s good to eat some spicy food yo!Untitled
  • My pork bone soup. Ah the disappointment. Maybe because I had legit pork bone soup in Seoul, this shit just doesn’t compare. The soup base was bland, there was no flavor to the pork, and there was HUGE ASS AMOUNT OF BEAN SPROUTS IN THE DISH. Man get out of here. The Seoul one didn’t have much. What are you trying to do, get me full from veggies? GTFO.Untitled
  • Seafood pancake. This was damn delicious!Untitled

Yes. We ordered a lot of food.

Because why the fuck not right?

We are on holidays. Time to get fat yo!

Overall, very good meal and of course great company (including asshole friend).

See? Vegetarians and meat lovers can dine side by side.

The menu

Bundling up……………

Bundled up Life Boss
Our feast

Written from Toronto, Westin Harbour on December 16, 2017

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