Hellllo! I am trying to take more videos of my trips, because my mom says pictures are stupid and don’t move (yes…).  Videoing is fun, but I am no pro hence why my shots are pretty crappy.  Oh well…hahaha

This is my amateur video summarizing my Brisbane trip.


  1. Here in america, they have signs that say “Don’t feed the bears!”

    Well, in australia, there aren’t sight that say “Don’t feed the wallabys/kangaroos!” So, I do wonder if the kangaroos don’t get aggressive… still. Amazing video! I liked the “ITCHYY” koala!

    1. I think the wild kangaroos do get aggressive…but the ones at the park were probably used to humans so that’s why they were docile….and thanks!! IT’s really an amateur video lol no skills required.

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