If you want to find cottage life in Taiwan as a vacationer, go to Sun Moon Lake.  Simply stunning and beautiful.  Quiet and peaceful, you can eat the many local food stands, go on a biking trail, go hike, hop on a ferry and explore the different islands around the area.

1hold on, what exactly is Sun Moon lake?  Well it’s lake that is surrounded by a lot of mountains.  And apparently the reason why it’s called Sun Moon Lake is because on a clear day, you can see both the sun and moon.  Pretty cool.  Unfortunately it was cloudy the way we went.  Still didn’t put a damper on our day though!

We went biking of course, which costed about NTD100 per hour, per person.  It was okay, not too expensive.  We biked along a trail, which wasn’t that long as it only took us about 30 minutes to complete.



And we stopped a lot too.  So yeah, not too bad.

Where we stayed at Sun Moon lake was on another island, which means we had to take the ferry.  There are a LOT of ferry services that is provided here, so don’t you worry not being able to get on.   And here’s a selfie picture of me on the ferry =)


I think one thing you will be doing a lot is taking pictures of the surrounding areas, both during the day and at night:



And finally, if you want to just relax go to one of the bubble tea places and just sit back and rewind.  Not a bad way to spend your time!


Super recommend Sun Moon lake for all you love birds, and people that just want some peace and quiet.


One thought on “SUN MEETS MOON

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