Perspective : Traveling by yourself

What I learned while traveling by myself

They say you learn a lot about yourself when you travel alone.  It’s somewhat true, here’s a couple of things I noticed about myself:

1) I don’t plan.  More like, I plan the night before of where i wanna go.  Sometimes I will just change my plans as i see fit.

2) Accommodation – Yeah, I need a clean place to live.  It doesn’t have to be extravagant.  But I definitely need my own washroom #domesticated

3) Walking aimlessly – I tend to just walk around the city with no objective / goal in site. Just put on the headphones and walk around.  I guess I can do this back home, but i guess it’s pretty cool to just get lost..which leads to my next point

4) Getting lost is fun – Although it gets fustrating after getting lost for one hour.  But overall its nice.  I always think part of traveling is just getting lost.

5) I still don’t care about food – I got a lot of recommendations from friends of great places to eat.  But really, I still don’t care about that lol.  Give me a burger and i’ll be satisfied.  I like the sightseeing parts more i guess.

I think the above i can only do if i am traveling alone.  If i was with a group it would be harder.  But meh, what can you do.

Anyways, a little sick today gonna get some shut eye.


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