You know you have to check out a restaurant…

when their name is BEAST. Beast is famous for meat, and I think that’s why life boss chose this restaurant for brunch. She knows choi needs to eat meat otherwise he gets angry.

I also just finished a one hour gym session prior to this, so some protein was very well much needed.

We didn’t make reservations, but still managed to get a table (come early!). This place was rocking from the get go.

We ordered coffee, I didn’t really like it but then I don’t know what is considered good coffee so don’t take my opinion too seriously.

I ordered the eggs Benedict + bacon. Yes surprise surprised, I am not a big eggs benedict guy so yeah , must be a special day. Was debating between this and the fried chicken sandwich. Wasn’t feeling the sandwich so got the eggs + benedict + bacon + salad. Yep.

Was good. BUT wasn’t like oh man, gotta come back again. I think maybe the fried chicken sandwich will make me think differently. I will need to come back to try that sandwich. Life boss got some weird shit. Don’t know what her dish is called but she said it was really good so just take her word for it.

One shitty thing about this place is that food is damn slow. We waited 45 minutes for the damn food to come. Luckily we were not too hungry otherwise this would have been a hate post on this restaurant.

Please, do speed up your service.

eggs benedict
life boss’ weird dish
another pic of my food

Written from Toronto, Home on Sept 29, 2019

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