Welcome Home!! To myself =)  The father asked what I wanted to eat on my first night back, so I said…….Japanese food.  Probably don’t recommend eating raw fish on the first day back after a 14+ hour flight, but it’s Toronto.  It’s Canada.  The stuff is clean here.  Well, not sure about some chinese restaurant’s but this place is not bad.


We’ve been going to tenichi for a long time now, and yeah I hear mixed reviews from my peers.  I don’t know, my experience has been always good.  The food has always been fresh.  The desert was always amazing.  So I am not going to complain.  Of course, unlike the one I go to in Hong Kong, there’s no hotpot options here.  But then maybe that portion is unique to the Hong Kong AYCE restaurant that I usually go to.

Obviously we ate a lot of sashimi, but we also ordered the cooked food.

I apologize for the hand in the picture.   I wasn’t paying attention obviously whilst taking the picture, nor did I review them.  I just posted it as I go.  But you can see the shrimp at least, so that’s all that really matters.

There’s also a website! wowwwww I can not believe..haha..

I am impressed that they even have a website.  The restaurant is located in Scarborough, on Sheppard East of McCowan.  It’s near a Tim Hortons so if you miss the plaza just look for a timmies.   Plaza looks a bit ghetto, but don’t worry it’s pretty safe here.

Happy eating.


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