How can you be careful? Knife Attack in Guangzhou, China


On a sad note, there was another knife attack at the Guangzhou China train station.  So scary….this hits more to home for me because I actually know this station quite well.  It’s one of the main stations that connects Hong Kong to Guangzhou, and I’ve gotten to know the station quite well because of work.


They say the attackers were part of the muslim ethnic group residing in XinJiang.  Their motives was for separation from China.  I don’t know, I don’t want to get into politics here nor do I know not enough about it to have an intelligent post about it.

I would say that everyone should be careful, but how do you be careful when you can’t forsee horrific events that are coming your way?  If I knew something bad was going to happen to me, I’d probably take every measure to avoid this catastrophe.  But until we invent some kind of fortune telling ball that actually works, we will never know.  So…really saying be careful doesn’t help.

I guess the only thing you can do, is be alert at all times.  I guess there’s a reason why I find most chinese people (I say most, not all) are not friendly to strangers.  It’s embedded in our culture and learning’s as a small child to not trust strangers.

You just don’t know what the other person is thinking / what their motives are.  Thus the world we live.



Note – Pictures were taken from CNN, South China Morning Post, and BBC.

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  1. My “like” was for your post, not for this horrible deed. So tragic, and so sad that you apparently can’t be safe anywhere. What a world, we’re living in.

  2. Guangzhou has always been dangerous. When I lived there some years back I was paranoid about watching over my daughter who was three at the time. A friend witnessed an eight year old boy being dragged away from his mother in a main road. I was always on the alert in Guangzhou. Glad I don’t live there any more.

  3. Sorry for the victims of the attack.I also don’t know all the details.You can’t live by “be careful” in my opinion, it uses too much energy and stresses you out to the point that you are no longer living, just scared. Living in fear is a life wasted, again my opinion.

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