Ho Lee Fook! Ho Lee Fook! haha yes….I am being stupid.  Ho Lee Fook is a chinese restaurant located in Central, Hong Kong.  I don’t think  they have a website, but they do have a face book page.  Does that count?  A lot of businesses now just have a facebook page.  I guess it acts as an website for them.  The website is https://www.facebook.com/holeefookhk


Went with the coworkers.  As usual.

The actual address is 1 Elgin Street, Central.  Don’t even ask me what Elgin is in Chinese.  Fortunately the taxi driver knew some english.  I think.

The best dish at this place was the Wagyu Short Ribs.  So GOOOOOOD.  Said this like a million times during dinner. So GOOOOD.  It literally melts in your mouth.  Oh man, I just realized I did not take a photo of the art work there.  It was pretty cool.  Check out their facebook page and you will see what I mean.

Other dishes that we ordered?

Fancy Wonton (as Lincoln would put it)


Veggies (boooo)


Prawn…so goooood.

Ordered rice. mmmm carbs.

You probably should make reservations if you want to come here.  We had a table at 630, but was kicked out by 815.  They weren’t rude or anything, but you get the hint when they throw down some fortune cookies and the bill.  You know it’s time to go.

Afterwards we went to the Globe for some drinking.  There goes my dry days.  Have been cutting back on the drinking and must say, I feel awesome.



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  1. LMBO love the title too. Is that first picture a dumpling? It looks a bit strange…Yes those ribs look amazeballs! I actually think the veggies look pretty good too, but again I said LOOK I didn’t say I wanted to eat them, LMBO. I want the tasty bad for u stuff on vacation and travels…I can get veggies at home, LOL. Unless they are of course only native to that area then I will try them.

  2. Omg that title though *Insert laughing emoticon*

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