My first time jet skiing, ever! SO FUN! I am so addicted to this sport (can I call it a sport?).  I have never really been into water activities, but jet skiing is so awesome.  I now know what the big deal is for motorcycle.  The feeling of the torque is just so awesome.


Added to the fact that you are bouncing up and down the waves makes it even more exhilarating.  This and white water rafting is definitely two of my favorite activities so far.  I think it’s more the adrenaline that I like the most?


Regardless, we signed up for the water jet ski tour in Langkawi.  This tour allowed us to visit some of the islands (there’s 99 islands around) while riding on a jet ski.  I think after the first island I just wanted to continue jet skiing.  Forget the islands.

We joined the Mega Water Sport tour, I definitely recommend them as the tour guides were nice, and the jet skis were new.


I think if this is your first time you  may get worried about being thrown off.  Well worry not!  The jet ski itself is really stable.  But here’s a tip, you need to go fast in order for it to be more stable.  If you go slow you will just get rocked by the waves.  Tour guide recommends you to go at 25+ MPH.  I went at 35 =).

Driving the jet ski is really easy.  One tap of the right handle and you will be on idle mode (meaning you are going at 2 – 4 MPH). Holding down the right handle means you are now throttling ahead.

4One tap on the left handle and you will be on neutral.  Holding it will put you in reverse mode.  That’s it! 4 modes! So easy!

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