Dining at a top of mountain.


Wow we getting super fancy.

Or maybe Life Boss is super fancy.

Probably the latter.

We went to this restaurant in Bohinj. I don’t even know how to pronounce that. It’s basically 20 minute ride from Bled. We came here because we wanted to check out this lake that is supposedly also very beautiful but not as touristy as Bled.

But we were hungry so we must eat first.

And that’s what we did.

Sat down and was told we had to order set menus.

Wow. We really fancy huh.

  • Started with the home made beef noodles. Not my type of broth. Wished it was more hearty. Untitled
  • Soup that life boss got. Very jealous.Untitled
  • Very fresh salad.Untitled
  • Complimentary…something?Untitled
  • My Trout with ginger risotto. This is interesting because I never had ginger in my risotto before. It was quite good actually, though weird. I farted a lot after as well (Ginger makes you go). Untitled
  • The girls shared the beef tenderloin. It looked good, I didn’t have any as they wouldn’t let me eat it (I didn’t share my risotto). Untitled

How do you define your fancy meal?


Written from Toronto, Home on July 20, 2018

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