Vang Vieng


Ah, life boss breaking my knees again.

What is new?

Previously I wrote about how life boss broke my knees by dragging my ass to a hike at the Lantau Peak.

Well, she did it again when we were in Vang Vieng and one could argue this was way much more. I recently started fasting meaning I don’t eat breakfast. So you would think Life Boss would want to go for a hike after I went for lunch (or at least grabbed something to eat).

Nope, fuck that shit. Life Boss wanted to go hiking in the morning at Pha Nguen before anything was consumed by my body.


God just kill me, hiking without any food. But it was good to exercise my fat ass.

Oh well, we are on vacation and I can’t make life boss angry, so here we go again. Let’s go break my knees again Life Boss…

The climb up was horrendous.

But what’s new? Life Boss is all about being challenged physically. Which is complete shit for Choi because I hate doing physical activities.

And man, this was not your normal hike. The steps were not paved properly, we were just basically climbing on rocks.



Walking on non-paved steps climbing for 45 minutes, means my knees are getting broken again.

Thanks Life boss thanks .

Along the way up I saw a sign that said 400 meters.


I thought this meant there was only 400 meters left.

Life Boss: “no, this means we are only at 400 meters”. 

Fuck my life.


Why must these places give me false hope.

With sweat beads drowning my face and knees aching, Life Boss suddenly said we are almost there!

We were not almost there.

We climbed for another 15 minutes.



Views were definitely gorgeous though.

So I guess all the blood and sweat was worth it.




Damn beautiful right?


I also think life boss forced me to come here so I can take sexy photos of her (I’ve been improving my photography skills). I think. hah. What do you guys think of these photos??



I really like these photos.

Looks so emotional.

Looks so epic.

I guess even though life boss likes to break my knees (again), the views were definitely worth it.

Stayed tuned for part 3 of breaking my knees….


Written from Hong Kong, Home on June 2, 2018

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