Hong Kong


Dear ladies- Do you want to destroy your husbands / boyfriends knees?

Do you want them to scream in pain?

Do you want them to question what they did that morning to deserve such pain and suffering?

Do you want to make your man feel like a weakling and humble their manhood so they will forever listen to you?

Well if you are like life boss then the answer to the above is a resounding YES.

I am so scared for my life.


For those that know me…

Choi is all about eating pizza, burgers, being lazy, sitting on the couch.

Life boss on the other hand, is all about healthy eating, exercising, ensuring she lives to 10000 years etc.

So naturally this difference in lifestyle will result in my ass getting dragged to a treacherous hike on Lantau PeakHong Kong.

This hike will guarantee to fuck your knees up like mad. You will also be in pain for 100 years.


Lantau Peak is a motherfucking beast.

Look at these god damn stats:

  • Lantau Peak or Phoenix Mountain is the second highest mountan in Hong Kong
  • It is the highest point in Lantau
  • It’s 934 metres above sea water

Seriously, life boss is out to kill me.

I haven’t moved my body for two weeks and she takes me to this SHIT?

Man! I am in pain just thinking about this!


This treacherous hike includes crazy steep downhills.


Going downhill I felt like I was going to fall off because of the steepness of the slope, and also because my knees are all fucked up from the uphill climb already.

And oh my god, don’t even get me started about the uphills.

Those damn uphills! Those super crazy un-doable uphills.

That shit was never ending. I swear there was at least 10 different hills we had to climb.


Why life boss, why.


After what seemed like an eternity…….

We finally made it to the top!

Even though my knees were gone by now, the view was well worth the pain.

Please take in the photos (and give me a like) since I took these while in pain:




So why did life boss put me through pain?

I probably made her mad that morning. Although I don’t know what I did (story of my life).

So guys here’s a lesson. Don’t make your partner angry. Especially if that partner is active as fuck.

To make it up to life boss, I took some nice photos of her (not in a sexual way):




4 days later and my legs still burns.


Don’t make life boss angry please Choi – says knees.

But the view was definitely worth it.

Thanks life boss for exposing me to a wide spectrum of emotions.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 15, 2018


  1. I love my boyfriend but I would also like to capture some superb photos from the views you got there, too. I’ll apologize in advance. Thanks for this! Your blog is awesome! 😊

    1. My pleasure! This made my day..i try my best in my posts lol. Most often than not its just random stuff that comes out of my head.

  2. Now I feel like a snowflake for ranting about my hike in Chueng Chau. But Lantau Peak is the shizzzz! No to hardcore hiking haha!

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