Chiang Mai


Choi  is not a big fan of temples.


Because they all look the same to me so I am that not impressed with temples.

Not Impressed

But it will be dumb if we don’t see any temples in Chiang Mai.

Why again Choi?

Because Chiang Mai is known for temples!

There were a lot of the temples that were walking distance from our hotel. But since I was with le father, walking to those temples would not be a good idea. I would get my ass kicked.


So I booked a tuk tuk tour instead, which brought us to three temples.

I assume these are the must sees in Chiang Mai, otherwise I am going to be majorly pissed.



So in the following order, these were the temples that we saw:

1 – Wat Sri Suphan

Our first stop was at the Wat Sri Suphan.




This was my favorite temple the moment I saw it.

Why? Because it’s so different.

And Choi is all about being different.


Yes, I had a good laugh at that one too.

So, most temples have a gold theme. This one is all silver.

The interior is silver, the roof itself is silver. I personally prefer silver over gold, so that explains why this temple is my favorite.

The silver panels / wall in the temple illustrates where Buddha used to live.


I didn’t really see that…or maybe I just didn’t understand the pictures haha.


At the back of the temple there is a school that teaches monks how to make the silver plating used within the temple. Seems like hard work, so this occupation will not be for Choi.




2 – Wat Chiang Man


This was our second temple stop, the Wat Chiang Man.

Wat Chiang Man is Chiang Mai’s oldest temple.

Really? I definitely did not know that. 


And it holds the famous crystal Buddha?

I did not know that either…


The large hall has the famous standing Buddha holding an alms bowl. This is apparently the oldest Buddha image.

Wow, tour guide didn’t teach me anything about the history of these temples. Or I wasn’t listening. Probably the latter. 



There is another temple that is beside this one. I have no idea what it is called…..


But it was cool nonetheless.

Two Buddhas for the price of one!



3 – Wat Chedi Luang

Our last temple stop.

I actually don’t think this is a temple. Looks more like a pagoda:


So I guess it shouldn’t be part of this post but meh, the tour guide describe it as a temple so I am going to take it that way.


Wat Chedi Luang’s is a pagoda that was built between 1385 annd 1402. Originally this measured 60 metres across and 80 metres tall, however due in 1545 there was an Earth quake which reduced the height in half.

This also used to be home of the Emerald Buddha, Thailand’s most sacred religious relic. Another thing my tour guide didn’t tell me. 

Honestly, didn’t see much here (though the Pagoda itself was quite impressive). It was also hot as fuck that day so we wanted to get out asap. Sorry, can’t tell you anymore about this place.

my bad
# 4 – Wat Phra Singh

The 4th temple that Life boss and I went to.

This was not part of the tuk tuk tour.

Why you go to another temple if you don’t like temples Choi? So full of shit.

Hold your horses man, and stop judging.

Life boss and I had an extra day in Chiang Mai, and since we had time to kill before heading to the airport we decided to head over to Wat Phra Singh.

So stop judging.

Now, I must say this temple was damn beautiful.




According to my internet sources, some say the buddha head in this temple is a copy, as the original was stolen a long time ago. If it was indeed stolen then those people are assholes.


In the temple there were signs telling people they should not buy Buddha heads as a decorative piece at home, nor should it be a tattoo.

They say it is disrespectful to those that follow Buddhism.

Got it. Choi understands.


Wat Phra Singh was originally built in 1345 by King Phayu. From 1578 – 1774 the temple was abandoned and needed serious repair. This temple would then again be restored in 1782.

Seems like a lot of restoration to me! Pretty sure this temple is not what it used to look like in 1345…

Rant: Ladies can’t go into some sections of the temples.


They say because the ladies have periods, they will dirty the temples itself.

Er come on, I am no feminist but you can’t do that shit to the ladies! It’s not their fault they have monthly bloodsheds. If anything we should be praising them for having to endure this pain on a regular basis.


Not letting them in was definitely not cool.

Hope that changes in the future.

UntitledWritten from Anatara Apartment Suites, Chiang Mai on May 12, 2018


    1. Thanks! You should visit these temples some day, with your awesome photography skills the pictures are going to look amazing.

    1. No problem! And yeah i was so not happy with the sectioning off of the temples. Wtf they basically saying its womens fault for having periods 😡😡

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