Woke up to a gorgeous, cool, April spring morning.

All was well in Choi land. I was happily lying in bed, watching some youtube videos / getting caught up on the latest sports stories when Life Boss said “I want to go shopping”.


Any man in this world will tell you that shopping with a woman is like going through hell. It’s like their marathon. It’s something us guys can never keep up with. They go in one store, spend one hour looking at different types of clothes, and then come out empty handed. Then on to the next store. I don’t get it. I really don’t get it. When I go shop, I know what the fuck I want, and which store will have that shit that I need. I literally will only need 20 minutes in a mall. Why do girls treat shopping like it’s a damn sport?

Ugh. 2 hours in to the shopping spree and my knees were starting to break, so I said the one thing that could get me out of this disaster of a Sunday. I told her “Life Boss, let’s go have some lunch”.

Life Boss: “True, I am hungry, let’s do it”.


I quickly googled what the nearest restaurants were. The options were Five Guys (Burgers), Blaze Pizza (Pizza) or Poke Guys (Poke). Afraid to piss Life Boss off I told her to pick and she happily picked Poke Guys, which I absolutely was fine with. I just needed to rest my damn knees! So after a 10 minute walk from Eaton Center we arrived at Poke guys!



For those that don’t know what Poke is, I can’t really help you.

Just google that shit. If you really want an answer from me, then I will say it’s basically raw fish plus rice. I had my first poke in Maui and boy was I ever hooked on to this delicious dish. I’ve been to a couple other Poke places, none of them hit the spot like this one.

To start ordering, you go to the ordering counter (no shit). Here you can build your own or order one of the signature bowls. I was going to build my own until I got this weird look from the Poke Guys employees. Seems like no one ever does that, they just order the signature bowls. Well I don’t know jeez it is my first time here.




After much contemplation I decided to go for the Cali Bowl.  Salmon + Tuna – my two favorite fish in life. What is the plural for fish by the way? mmmm… interesting. I got the large while Life boss got the regular (which is really a small). I am so glad I got the large because the poke / fish here was super amazing! The mixture of the sauces and the ingredients were on point. But really, it was all about the fish. So damn delicious and good! God just writing about this is making me want to go back for another one.




Yes different angles of the same dish.


The Cali Bowl also includes ginger, fried onions and avocado. Oh damn this was a good meal! I was so satisfied, and was regaining my energy from the 2 hour shopping onslaught when life boss said “Ready to go back to the mall?”.








Written from Toronto, Home on April 7, 2019

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