Dining with your partner AND your father is one of the most stressful things in life.

Like you can not win in this situation. Recipe for disaster. Each have their own unique challenges and issues which causes Choi to want to die and give up life.


Le father with his unreasonable expectation.s

And life boss with her physical abuse tendencies.

It’s really hard.

And when you dine with both of them, its a recipe for a catastrophic disaster.

Luckily for me, Life boss chose an EXCELLENT restaurant to dine in, which seemed to calm both of them down.

Manor is a clean, sort of classy / high end restaurant that has semi buffet service for lunch.


Semi Buffet!? NICE! Le Father and Life Boss doesn’t like to eat buffets and I love it, so this is the best way to compromise everyone’s cravings. SEMI BUFFET.

  • So they don’t like buffets? Yet our table was full of food right from the get go. Errr….chinese tendency? Need to grab everything at the buffet? Have to fill every inch of our table? I don’t know…at least we finished the food (the majority of it).UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled

Not sure how le father did it, but he managed to get table service at a buffet.

Like literally, the waitress was grabbing food for him.

At a buffet.


Sigh, le father with his unreasonable demands.

We also got to order menu appetizers / main dishes.

I decided to first order the oysters to make Life Boss happy (because you know, oysters have aphrodisiac effects wink wink).

  • HKD18 a pop so we ordered 6 because we are on fucking vacation!The oyster was super fresh. Which is good because shitty oysters would have made us shit like crazy that night. And we didn’t shit like crazy that night so must mean the oysters were super fresh. That made both le father and le boss happy. Untitled

For our mains. We got 1) Halibut (Super big) 2) Sirloin Steak (Not as big):

  • The Halibut..I should have taken the green shit away..ruining the picture. Was told this was good though. Untitled
  • My steak. damn average. Nothing special about it. Untitled



Overall, food quality was meh.

The buffet selection was average. BUT really good price. Came up to 800HKD TOTAL, and it would have been even less if we didn’t order the oysters / sparkling water.

I ordered the sparkling water because I am fancy like that.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on November 6, 2017

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