Why did I come to the bluffs??

haha, because I haven’t been here in a long time and also because I wanted to bring le gf to some green shit in Toronto.This was an excellent choice as its super easy to drive to, just go all the way down on Brimley. Its about a 20 minute drive I would say.I would not recommend coming during a cold winter day, but on a nice breezy summer day its a fantastic place to visit!



hah fuck…

i probably should explain what the bluffs are. Basically you are driving to the edge of Ontario, right to lake ontario. the bluffs gives you an impeccable water view, small cliffs, And a lot of trees. Quite a rare image in Toronto since the city is mostly a concrete jungle.






Got really lucky on this day too, the sun was out, the day was good.

And that water. Damn clear.


Parking is free on weekdays before 5/6 pm, no admission required either, so why not check the bluffs out if you have time?

Written from Hong Kong, in a cab to the airport on September 18,2016

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13 replies

  1. I love the Bluffs!! I was just there this weekend. Great photos 🙂

  2. I love the bluffs, feels like you aren’t in the city anymore! Great daytrip

  3. Love the bluffs ❤

  4. Beautiful pictures. I visited Ontario over the summer 🙂

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