2016 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – December 2016

tumblr_ojcg742Fdy1rz57lco1_1280Dec 1 – new month

Dec 2 – Off to Munich…another 14+ hour flight

Dec 3 – my body and mind is protesting

Dec 4 – slept from 7PM – 9AM

Dec 5 – Munich is damn cold.

Dec 7 – Drink so much. Sleep so little.

Dec 9 – life is an expedition

Dec 12 – I am exhausted…died today..slept for 12 hours

Dec 13 – It’s a new day..

Dec 14 – gahhh could not wake up today! Still in Munich time!

Dec 16 -Aldridge you such a bum

Dec 18 – Mixing Scotch and Beer…not a good idea.

Dec 21 – Lovinggg my new tvvv

Dec 25 – Merry Christmas!! Off to sydney!

Dec 26 – Damn tired from the plane ride. Le GF made me wait in the parking lot. Dinner was full of food.

Dec 27 – Watched a cricket game! Finally understand what is going on!

Dec 28 – You can fart more than one way

Dec 30 – fantasy decisions…so tough

Dec 31 – i am good at guessing things! happy new years!

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