Shit. This Tom Yum Gong Soup was so damn bad ass.

Loved it. You can’t go wrong with Thai Food when their Tom Yum is so damn delicious.

This restaurant is damn delicious.

I love this stuff.

Must order more next time.

Must go eat more thai food.

The restaurant that I ate this at is called Chang Co Thai. And damnnn it’s a chain?

Why have not I seen this in Australia!??!




Haha first section didn’t make sense. Too bad. Just got off the plane from Sydney, landed at 4AM. Not much is working right now for me at the moment….

So what did I order….

For my main I ordered the green curry chicken with white rice.


It was spicy and flavorful. Omg. Probably my second favorite dish when it comes to Thai cuisine.

Super good recommendation by some of Le GF’s friends.



tumblr_oj8w3hsqdX1rz57lco4_1280There’s not much to do in Canberra, so I was supposed to find such good food here. I was half expecting shitty food, shitty atmosphere. You know, like a typical capital of a country (i.e. Ottawa).

Shouldn’t hate on Ottawa.

I haven’t been in awhile.

The restaurant is situated by a river / Pond? I think it’s more pond than river.

Was raining a bit which was a total bitch given that it’s summer in Australia and it’s not suppose to rain.

Mother Nature you fail me.

Really nice restaurant, great atmosphere, great food.

Can’t ask for much more.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on January 4, 2017

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