Sometimes, you just end up at a restaurant for reasons that are totally not related to the restaurant.

I.e. when you are super fucking cold.

On this particular day, I was fucking cold. So I didn’t really care what restaurant it was or kind of cuisine it was serving.

I just needed warmth.

And thus, I ended up at this restaurant and bar called 35 millimeter.



Initially they gave me a german menu. When they saw the confused look on my face, they realized “Ah..Tourist”.


I got my english menu.

Went through it quickly, and was not a hard decision.

I got the cheeseburger with coke.

Ahhh…hit the spot.

Yes I know, I am in Germany. I should be eating German Food. BUT mannnn I was sooo cold….

That’s all. I really have not much to say about this place.

It’s not a bad restaurant, but it’s not something I would say is a must go.

Except if you were fucking cold.

Which I was.

Oh yeah, and this place is near the Marienplatz, so yeah if you are a tourist like I am, and want to go somewhere comfortable and warm…this place can meet your needs.

Written from Le Meridien, Munich on December 5, 2016

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