I don’t really know how people do it.

Living in the old city in Hyderabad. It’s so damn hectic. Cars everywhere. People everywhere. There’s constant noise, etc etc. I live in HK which is a noisy place, but DAMNNN this place blows HK out of the waters in that aspect.

Snapped a couple of pictures of life in the Old City of Hyderabad:


The old city is a historic symbol of Hyderabad..and is actually a walled city? huh? this is per wikipedia. I did not see no walls…where is this wall….

Is it gone?

Confused as fuck….

Nehow, we wanted to check out the city (because we are Hyderabad duh). Got a driver, and off we went to explore the old city!!



tumblr_og3eyulR8j1rz57lco1_1280“Us shopping”.


tumblr_og3eyulR8j1rz57lco2_1280Random goat walking by. This is pretty common in India. Animals. Just roaming.

It’s pretty cool.

tumblr_og3eyulR8j1rz57lco3_540We were walking down some aisle in the city. came across this Naan making shop.

Love Naan.

I can eat it forever.

So we proceeded to buy one. It was hot and soft. Loved it.tumblr_og3evmbpUj1rz57lco3_1280tumblr_og3eyulR8j1rz57lco8_1280

We took a “auto” or “tuk tuk” out of nowhere. I believe it’s out of fear. We almost got run over a couple of times by cars. The only way to combat this fear was to hop into one of these little “autos”. Love “autos”.

Convenient, and an experience in itself.


Old city. A day well spent here.

Written from Hong Kong, Home, on November 4 2016


  1. Ah India. So cool. Lol this is actually pretty reminiscent of some of the places in Nigeria. Goats walking around are rather normal. Also chickens as well. And if you live in the Northern areas, you’re bound to see someone herding cattle at least once a day.

  2. This day sounds great! I can’t believe that goat… but I guess that’s the best part of traveling; seeing the things that are “normal” for other cultures and letting them inspire wander in me!
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