Not sure how popular this post will be when the first image you see is a picture of raw beef.

haha. but whatever. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWO YEARS, we finally decided to go eat OUTSIDE of the hotel for dinner.

Oh my god.

This deserves a celebration. And where did we celebrate? At this japanese BBQ place called “King”that is just 10 minutes away. haha! Yes fucking awesome. And no, they don’t have a website so I am sorry can’t tell you where it is.



What exactly is the difference between Japanese BBQ and Korean BBQ? The marination? The type of meat?

Nah it’s the fucking service.

In Korean BBQ someone serves you. Japanese BBQ not so much.Whatever, not going to be lazy ass. I like to grill anyways. So it’s all good.



We initially only ordered two sets of raw beef. But of course we were still hungry so we ordered more.

This place specializes in beef, so naturally… should only order beef. You are not going to order salad at a Japanese Beef BBQ place right?



The restaurant is not that big. But that could be because the area we are staying at is not that popular? Actually I don’t see much packed places in Guangzhou restaurants. Maybe because there is a lot of options around?

Have no idea….




My cold ass beer. Delicious. Just what I need after a hard days work.

I hope we come back again, I love japanese BBQ.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on November 19, 2016


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