Hong Kong


Hungry Korean. Fast and Fresh Korean Food.

I think le GF brought me here so I can eat healthier. Makes sense. Been eating like shit lately. Think le GF also wanted me to save money as this place is pretty economical.

Makes sense. Been spending a lot lately too (see trip to Toronto aka fuck you Cathay!!).tumblr_oe26mslAhI1rz57lco3_1280

I ordered the “Sweet Chicken Chun Pan Gu E” which is basically grilled Sweet Chicken. It comes with rice but I told the waitress to tell the rice to fuck off because I am not going to be eating that.

Plus I didn’t want to waste food.

Le GF got the tofu stew. Pretty damn healthy. With rice though..not so healthy…

So per their website, they advertise their food as follows:

Our food comes quickly – but that’s all we have in common with “fast food”. The only thing in our food is food, hygienically prepared and freshly cooked to order, with no MSG or other artificial additives.

Interesting. No MSG or other artificial additives. Alright, if that is true then maybe I should take my comment back of this place not being good.


I didn’t think this was a GOOD Korean Restaurant. It wasn’t bad either, but I don’t know, the “umph” was missing from its dishes. For some reason it didn’t hit the spot.

But then the food was pretty cheap, and is supposedly “healthy”.

So I should give it some slack.

Oh wells.

Written from Shanghai, Renaissance on September 25, 2016

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