Eaton Center is the opposite of Pacific Mall in my opinion.  Instead of fake brands, you get the legit brands here.   There’s not as much cars as compared to their uptown counterparts.  But this is because Eaton Center is in the heart of downtown Toronto, so everyone takes public transit.


If you ask me which mall I prefer, then it’s not really a question to begin with.  Come on, of course Eaton Center.  When I get bored of the shopping (more like lack of shopping), I’d head out and walk around the district.  There’s also more food, more options, more coffee shops, etc.  Hands down I prefer Eaton center.

It’s just that it’s so dam far.

I live up town, that’s why I am complaining.


For those that don’t know, Eaton Center used to be owned by the Eaton Department Chain store, which used to be one of the largest in Canada.  They went bankrupt, but the mall retained it’s name.  I agree with this, retain your history! It’s like when Rogers renamed Skydome to “Rogers Center”.  No, it’s called Skydome.  Much better name.

The closest TTC subway station is Dundas station.  It’s on the “Yellow Line”.  I don’t know what the yellow line is called, which is sad because the TTC only operates 2 subway lines.  I mean 3, but does the purple line really count?  There’s only 4 stops.  I should stop complaining about the TTC.  That will be for another post.

I didn’t do much shopping here, since I was meeting my ex-boss for lunch here.  I wouldn’t know what to shop for anyways, since the stuff I was looking for would be at the ACC (aka sports wear).  So I didn’t shop.  I did walk around just for old times sake (I used to live in downtown, so would venture out to eaton center a bit).

Happy shopping!


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