It was raining cats and dogs for two days in Sydney.  You probably saw it on the news.  The “Big” rain storm that shut down Sydney.  Yeah it was raining pretty hard, but I don’t know if you need to “Shut down” the city…..Oh well.  Because it was raining so hard we decided the only restaurants we would go to would be ones where we don’t need to walk outside.


So we decided on Sokyo, that is near the casino (there is underground parking too).  Yeah…Kind of pricey since it was near the casino.


But it was pretty high quality food.

The star is the name of the casino FYI.  You probably like thinking what the hell is the star when we are talking about Sokyo.

I tend to throw out random comments like that.  Deal with it.


So yah, the fish was reallllly goood.  Reallllly juicy.

Oh actually before I continue, the decor in this restaurant is really funky:


It looks like ropes just draping down all over you.  Kind of cool, but eerie in the same time.  It was also quite dark that’s why the quality of my pictures is just so – so.


And the lamb chops…yum…I am developing a love for lamb chops.  Need to eat more…again apologizes for the poor lighting. I didn’t take photography classes.  Worried that we would not be full from the dishes, we also ordered a lot of sushi.  Because carbs will fill you up:

I crave japanese food again…….


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