One of my goals is to explore the area that I am living in (Tai Wai), and more specifically eat the many restaurants this place has to offer.

So one day while I was jogging and sweating, Mother Nature thought it would be a good idea for her to give me a free shower.  So it started raining pretty heavily.

Instead of going straight home and coming back again, I decided to just tough it out and go eat at a nearby restaurant.

Yes I was drenched and it was not a pretty sight.  I decided to eat, was this ramen place called Kiya Japanese Dining Bar.  Clock on open rice reviews to see the customer feedback on this place.

Yep, mixed reviews.  So let me give you my take on this restaurant.  Firstly what I ordered was the Pork Meat Ramen.  The noodles were pretty good, however it was not spicy enough, and I specifically ordered spicy.  The pork meat itself was also not bad, but I thought the soup could use some more flavoring.

This being said, during lunch time you get a set combo where you get a drink and two sushi’s with the ramen, all for the price of HKD40.  So for that price, I actually think it’s not too bad!


Don’t expect a fine dining experience at this place, though it’s also not run down like a lot of local Hong Kong restaurants.  I would come for lunch, but probably not for an outing with friends.  I also think their main demographics is students, as the place was quite packed during the weekdays during that time slot.  I guess the HKD40 combo is quite attractive to local students!

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  1. nommsssss. looks like a good ramen!

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