Well, you don’t see this often in HK, especially if you are living in the city center.

 So where did I get this picture from?  Well from the wetland park in Hong Kong!

It’s amazing how Hong Kong is always known for it’s skyscrapers, thus causing people to overlook the vast areas of nature and parks that exists.  One of these parks it the Hong Kong Wetlands Park!

The wetland reserve itself is 150 acres, which took me about 1.5 hours to go through the entire park.

There’s also a visitor center where you can cool down, get some food and visit the souvenir shop.


I went on a sunny, hot, humid Sunday, which didn’t really matter because I needed some sun.

Yes…I am quite….bland at that time =p

The wetlands was pretty cool, saw a lot of different plants, fishes and birds which of course I am unable to recall already.   No wonder I never went into biology, science or anything that is hard for that matters.

I think it’s a good place to take your family if you want some peace and quiet.

And….the entrance fee is only HKD30, so it’s really affordable.


Getting here is kind of a pain. Because I live in the New Territories, I first went to the Sha Tin Bus Terminal, took the number 269D which took me all the way to Tin Shui Wai.  From there, I took the light rail trail to the Hong Kong Wetlands Park.  So I guess it wasn’t too difficult to get there, it’s just time consuming (took about an hour).

Anyways back to the park.


I think it’s pretty awesome how cities nowadays are trying to preserve a piece of nature, when it is trying to expand and finding land to build condominiums and housing.  It’s going to hard to balance the two, as humanity continues to grow we may see less and less of these kind of parks.  Getting kind of deep now, so I’ll just say enjoy it while you can!!

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  1. I read your “about me” page and my experience is opposite of you. I was born in Hong Kong and came to Canada when I was 10. Over the years, memories of Hong Kong slowly drifted away. I would love to read your upcoming post for me to remember what Hong Kong Is like.

  2. Still one of the few things left on my to do list… your post is now bookmarked and hopefully I can visit it some time soon!


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