Food For Thought

When we grow old, we grow boring

It’s funny how as we grow up, we tend to forget the dreams that we had, the things we wanted to do.  We are so busy with our daily lives, and so concern with the added responsibilities that we forget the child inside us that once dominated our daily routines.

Or maybe because we got more realistic with life, and because of that realism we set a limit on ourselves as to what we can or cannot achieve.

We Grew Old.



What is our daily lives like now?

Go to work.

Get off work.

Drink a beer or two.

Have dinner.

Go to sleep.

 Not that my childhood was super exciting and fascinating,

I went to school.

Got off school.

Played in the school yard.

Have Dinner.

Go to sleep.

 Pretty routine still, but it seems like everyday was a new day with a new start when you were a kid, which is probably why we were not as bored back then.

We went boring. 


So here’s a challenge for you.

Think of something you have always wanted to do when you were younger.

For example, say you wanted to become a basketball star.  You probably won’t make it to the NBA now, but why not join a rec league?

Or maybe in High School you’ve always wanted to learn more about astronomy but never had a chance.  Why not take a course? Or at the very least go to the bookstore and buy a book about astronomy?

Let me know how it goes =)


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