The infamous cowboy street!

If you watched hangover before then you know why this street is famous.

And if you haven’t watched it…its a popular red light district in Bangkok! Since my blog is not R rated I am not going to get into much details.

In summary, a lot of girls, a lot of dancing girls, a lot of guys sitting around looking at the dancing girls. haha.

If you are hoping for a hangover type post then you are out of luck. I literally came here for one beer, just wanted to experience what it’s like here. So nope no more details can be provided =p

I have to say though, I prefer Patong Beach in Phuket. That place is just more rocking, more fun, better atmosphere. The cowboy street in Bangkok is too commercialized for my taste.

PLUS there was so much guys just sitting around, really felt seedy this environment. Glad I experienced it once, don’t think I will come back again!




Written from Bangkok, Westin Grande on June 17, 2017

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