Hong Kong


I can’t find good Chiu Chow food in Hong Kong.

I don’t know WHERE to find good Chiu Chow food in Hong Kong. As such I gave up this search 2 years ago after my favorite Chiu Chow restaurant closed down.

Then one day while I was playing my Final Fantasy 7 game, my father walked up and said “son, I found a Chiu Chow restaurant. It’s called Hop Lee in chinese is 合利 in Jordan”.

Whattttt….that was my first reaction. You see there are a lot of Chiu Chow restaurants in Hong Kong. But most of them are shit. Not authentic. Expensive. Too Far.   But my father is a picky eater, so if he is willing to endorse a place well then as a loving and supportive son you know I had to go pay a visit to this restaurant.

We ordered this scary ass looking fish. Like damn man I know it doesn’t look appetizing. Actually kind of gruesome, you are tearing a fish open and you are eating it like that. Errr yes….but YO THIS WAS GOOOOD. I haven’t had such good fish in a while. The dish is called Big Eye Chicken. I am not shitting you. You have to translate it into Cantonese of course so if you don’t know then I can’t really help you there.

We are off to a good start to this meal! Yum yum. What’s next what’s next !!!


That’s fucking right. In your face. These vegetables were super good and super fresh and super non oily. In Hong Kong everything is oil like it’s free or some shit. But not here. Gosh I felt so healthy eating it.


Oyster pancakes. Umm…the downer of the meal. Fuck! And I thought this was going to be a perfect score dinner. What was wrong with the dish? Well there was not taste to it. Bland as my ass. So nope, minus one point.

Next up, pork / wiener type dish. Not bad. Not bad. Very flavorful which is great because the last dish I felt like I was eating paper or something. Definitely recommend this to you guys, try that shit yo.

Finally. Noodles. But not just any normal noodles. FISH noodles. That’s right, noodles made of fish. Damn the chef is skilled how the hell do you even transform fish to noodles?  Errr…..yeah someone educate me on this shit.

my dinner! it was good..look out for my blog post about this www.eatsomechoi.com #hk #food #hongkong #travel #wanderlust #blog #travelblog #world #iphoneonly

Father, not bad with your recommendation. And the bill only came to 500HKD which is really good deal considering all the food we ordered.

Maybe, finally, we found a chiu chow place we can go to on a regular basis? Maybe…just maybe…

my dinner! it was good..look out for my blog post about this www.eatsomechoi.com #hk #food #hongkong #travel #wanderlust #blog #travelblog #world #iphoneonly

Written from Hong Kong, Home on May 10, 2017

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