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Our trip to Tassie could pretty much be summed up in two words – driving and eating. There were lots of fresh local and artisan foods on offer but the highlight had to be the food on Bruny Island. We were keen to try the famous Bruny Island oysters, cheeses and ice cream. A very well-balanced diet!

A short drive from the ferry pier is the Get Shucked Oyster Farm. You can purchase oysters and other food and drinks at the oyster bar or take them away.

Get shucked 2

Get shucked 1

This sign greeted us walking up to the farm. Looks like the farm had an influx of Chinese tourists…










We ordered a dozen of the “naked” oysters served with lemon and a dozen of the cooked oysters. The “naked” oysters were fresh, sweet and creamy.

Get shucked 5

The cooked oysters came in three different ways and they were all really tasty but nothing beats natural oysters, I think.

Get shucked 3

Even though it was well before lunch time, we also ordered a bottle of pinot gris from the local vineyards which accompanied the oysters very well.

Close by Get Shucked was the Bruny Island Cheese Co. which specialised in artisan cheeses. The cheeses were made using traditional techniques. You can sample the cheeses at the cellar door or try them in their cafe which also served cakes, coffees and craft beers (also brewed by them). Of course we had to try all the cheese on offer!


My favourite was the “saint” which is like the love child of camembert and blue cheese. Look at how it oozes:


The last stop on our list was the Bruny Island Berry Farm for some berry ice cream. Unfortunately, it is closed during winter. We will definitely have to come back next time.

More information can be found here:


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