2015 Ponders

CHOI PONDERS – April 2015


April 1 – talk about April fools!

April 2 – during pregnancy, the baby needs to turn upside down before it can come out!

April 4 – remember to pay respects to your ancestors. Without them there will be no you.

April 5 – exercise before breakfast makes you lose more calories. Per the interweb.

April 7 – I am a product of my choices. This hits home hard.

April 8 – Listen with the intent to understand

April 11 – China food .. dangerous

April 12 -“Bun Bo Hue” aka spicy beef noodle is another type of Vietnamese noodle! It’s just not all PHO!

April 13 – when a file pathway name is too long you wont be able to open it.  Candice taught me this

April 15 – 1 litre of juice smoothie is equivalent to a big mac and a half

April 17 – again, understand first. Then be understood

April 19 – life is like poker. Ups and down! Just enjoy it

April 23 – daisy cant eat quina

April 24 – First time packing beer.  It worked! Just wrap all your clothes around it and make sure the bottles aren’t touching each other. Little Creatures in HK for the win!

April 25 – So much inappropriate conversations in the family.

April 26 – Put space between you and your problems.

April 27 – You can manually move a baby so it moves to the breach position……what??

April 28 – beginning to have an interest in suits

April 30 – Rough times have come, but they are not here to stay.  They have come to pass.

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