I Love German Food!


Because it’s a type of cuisine that is centered around MEAT, which I am absolutely OKAY with. No, I am more than OKAY with it, I just LOVE IT.

Life boss will disagree because she’s been trying to convert me into a damn vegetarian. No, I need to eat meat yo!

So, if you ask me what my favorite German dish is, it’s gotta be the PORK KNUCKLE!

If you have been living under a rock all and don’t know what a German Pork Knuckle is, let me educate you.

“The pork knuckle is a popular, , traditional Bavarian dish includes a crispy crackling pork skin and tender, delicious, juicy meat.”

Damn YUM!


So on the first day we arrived in Frankfurt, Germany there was only one and I MEAN ONLY one dish that I wanted to eat.


In order to obtain this delicious dish, we had to go to a restaurant. Since we didn’t know where to go we asked the concierge for a recommendation.

That’s how we ended up at this restaurant called Lieb and Seel.

Sat down, and a lovely waitress came over right away and asked us if we knew what we wanted.

Uh Yes of course I know what I want.



Think she was a bit shocked on the quickness and enthusiasm when I shouted out the order. Probably thought I was this super noob asian that never had real food before.

After anxiously waiting for 10 minutes, the pork knuckle came:



This shit was HUGE!!


I don’t think I have ever had such a big ass pork knuckle before. Guess everything in Germany is also bigger yeah?

Works for me.

How did it taste Choi?

It tasted damn delicious.

Everything I thought how this dish would taste like, tasted like it.

The crispy pork skin.

The delicious pork meat.

OH MAN and the SAUERKRAUT! You can’t go wrong with Sauerkraut! Ate so much of that. Apparently it’s really good for your digestive system too so super score for me!


Did you finish it though?


No, of course I couldn’t finish it. This was the size of my ass (which is pretty big). No way on Earth I could finish and still be alive.

I ate about 3 / 4 of it though, so still a pretty good accomplishment.

For those that are interested, life boss also was there.

And Life boss got the schnitzel.


This was also pretty good, had a piece of it and damn! Delicious again!

But sorry, in my books the pork knuckle reigns supreme.

What do you guys think? What is your favorite German Dish?

Pork Knuckle?



Let me know!

PS – I want to go back to Germany so bad now. Want to eat pork knuckle, and sauerkraut!




Written from Toronto, Home on July 16, 2018


  1. Choi, I am with you 100%, it is pork knuckle for me every time. I spent some time in Bayern (Bavaria) and Austria last year and I simply adore the stuff. I can live with kraut but I prefer red cabbage and you really need a dumpling with it for the full belly-busting effect.

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