You don’t need a damn tour guide for Manila!

Seriously, my tour guide took me to a park.

I love parks don’t get me wrong, but er…I don’t need to pay someone to bring me there.

I could have taken a taxi easily, don’t need no “guide” for a park. Being a little bit salty at the moment because I spent 100USD on this guide, which I completely didn’t need.

And then he brought me to a park. Actually, he didn’t want to go in the first place citing that it was getting hot.

The hell, no, we are going to the damn park. Guide me yo!

So yep, ended up at the Rizal Park.

 It was a pretty chill park.

A park where I would go to a lot if I lived in Manila.

We were there on a Saturday so people were dancing, singing, sleeping, chilling, chatting.

That’s how you should be spending your weekend.

Also a lot of trees. I miss trees. There are trees in Hong Kong, but because of the concrete jungle it minimizes the natural beautiness of trees.

Sounding like a tree lover (one of my buddy is a huge tree lover so no problems there).

But yeah, just miss mother nature in general.

Well this is a bit dark.

Jose Rizal is a famous Filipino revolutionary, and this depicted the execution of Rizal.


Super beautiful day. Loved that I spent it at a park, not so loving the tour guide part still.

Written from Hong Kong, Home on September 20, 2017


Rizal Park


Pretty Chill




Reenactment of Jose Rizal’s execution



Beautiful day


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