Yo. Seriously. Why the hell am I eating so much American food…………………

I am in freaking Saudi Arabia. I should be eating some authentic Arabic food.

Not burgers and ribs.


It’s really because there are no fucking Arabic restaurants around the hotel, and google ain’t giving me any tips. Plus  most local restaurants only accepts cash means I am fuckkkked in the ass hard. Stupid ass hotel don’t have enough money to exchange with me.

So unfortunately, I had to settle for some ribs at Texas Roundhouse.  Yes. It’s an American Chain. I know. Stop it.

Sat down and they immediately gave me bread.

Fuck. My carbs. My no carb eating……



But this bread looked so delicious.

They glazed honey all over.

Tempting me like a crack whore needing more coke and this drug dealer just leaves heroin lying around in the bedroom, in the toilet etc just so that I can relapse again.

So I did relapse, and mouthed down two pieces of bread. Oh. So good.

By this time I was thirsty as fuck (downing two pieces of bread will do that to you). So I ordered me some chick drink aka strawberry juice. Drink was pretty damn awesome.


Then came my chili.

It was okay…not the best…they put a lot of cheese on which was fine by me…but man..I really crave the chili’s by Wendy’s back home..haha.

I know. It’s another damn chain.

I just love my Fast Food Chains. So good. So Delicious. So fast. Just go to the gym more man.


Then my ribs came.


Reason why I ordered the Ribs because they advertised it as “Award Winning” Ribs.

Man get the fuck out of here.

Hurricanes from Sydney still has the best ribs (as I have mentioned multiple times in other posts).

Seriously Hurricanes as scarred me forever, I can’t eat ribs without thinking “Damn this is so shit why is it in my mouth and why am I not in Sydney instead.”

Seriously, I need to find some authentic Arabic restaurants.

Local friends please help.




Written from Jeddah, Le Meridien on February 25, 2017


      1. If you do visit Khobar, i can take you to some of the best Mandi joints here. Been living in Saudi since i was 2 months old so i should be able to help.

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