Blogging while on vacation.

I am very committed you know?  Although to be honest I haven’t posted any posts up during my mini vacation in bangkok.  Anyways doesn’t matter, at least I am still writing.  Writing to all of you that I just went to one of the world’s largest weekend markets around, the Chatuchak Weekend Market!



I will blog more about the market itself in another post.  This post, instead is to give praise to the food that we ate there.  It was around 12 when we got super hungry (add in the one hour difference to Hong Kong which meant we were starving), we came across the local food stalls before but was hesitant to try it because of well you know, the cleanliness, the food safety standards etc etc.  Plus we just landed the night before.  Didn’t know if our digestive systems could hold up.

But we said fuck it, we wanted some pad thai.

And some seafood.

So we went into one of the stalls and sat down.  And then we proceeded to order Pad Thai, Grilled Fish, and stir fry vegetables.


Amazing food! I love thai food!

I love pad thai!

The portions were a bit small though so we ordered another dish of pad see ew which was pretty damn good too.


I have always loved Bangkok.  The people are super nice, the weather is gorgeous.  But the food man, you can’t beat authentic thai food.  And it’s soooo easy to get around.


I really need to stop going to bangkok for a weekend only.  I need to come here for like 4 – 5 days and truly live the Bangkok life.

And I need to come back here to eat more Pad Thai.


Written from Bangkok, W hotel on July 10 2016


  1. My favourite Pad Thai ever- Street food outside McDonald’s on the Koh San Road. There two McDonald’s so be careful – I think it was called JoJos. Been there on a recommendation and made several trips back since just for the Pad Thai! 🙂 next time, maybe?

    1. Thanks for dropping this awesome tip! yeah unfortunately I was only in BKK for 2 didn’t get to travel around much to find good restaurants / street vendors for good food…I have this on my list to eat! Cheers!

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