I really hate waiting for food.

It’s my god given right to eat whenever the fuck I want. So whenever restaurants make me wait 30+ minutes I get really pissed and annoyed. Mostly because I got burned so many times in the past Wait forever for a table for a so called “good restaurant” and end up having a shitty meal. I lose time, money AND space in my stomach. Fucking hate it. So when we had to wait for 1+ hours for a table at Neptune Oyster, you know Choi was going to be skeptical as hell!


One of the reasons why it takes forever to get a seat here is because the restaurant is so damn small. Literally less than 10 tables. What the fuck. Why!? I guess it’s easier for quality control when you are able to restrict the number of people at one time. Fine. Makes sense now.


We ordered Oysters, lobster roll without the roll, and clam chowda.

Why? Because these were the most famous dishes at the restaurant “duh”. The clam chowda was pretty good though I wish it was more thick (life boss says its thick because of starch so I am an idiot.) We ordered the lobster without the roll because we were on a low carb diet. Looking back that was probably a dumb idea….it’s like ordering a burger without the bun. Which I have done before. Which was pretty smart given I was on a low carb diet. Okay, so maybe this was a good idea after all. Going in circles now. Finally got a dozen oysters. Last few times I had oyster I died but this time I didn’t! Probably means these were fresh.

Lobster roll (without the roll) and our clam chowda
Close up of the lobster
Another angle
Clam chowda

In my honest opinion, the fries were the best out of the whole meal. What does that mean? Means this shit probably isn’t worth 1 hour wait man! I don’t know, i think it’s partly because I am not a big seafood fan so it’s really hard to impress me. I just wasn’t “wowed’ by the meal. Sorry Neptunes, it’s probably my lack of love for seafood. I was just not that impressed. If you guys ever get a chance to visit this place let me know if I am wayyyy off base.

Not Impressed



Written from Boston, Courtyard Mariott on April 20, 2019

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