Man, fucking Patio Weather is HERE!

I have been waiting forever for this weather to come. Seems like winter has been dragging on FOREVER. Like come on man! It’s freaking May and its not even hot yet. Super ridiculous. I remember when I was young April was warm and May was HOT! Stupid global warming….anyhow…because it was slightly warm we decided to venture out to a patio. That’s how we ended up at this awesome restaurant called Bar Wellington! We actually came here before to watch a game. I think it was the raptors? I don’t know. I do remember their poutine was damn good. So why not come back and try their brunch!?




Let me start off by saying this patio is situated in a nice little neighborhood. As such it WAS SUPER nice to sit around. Nice and quiet. I was going to get a beer because that’s what the hell you do at a patio. But noooooooo, life boss was like “You are fat, you drink too much”. Scared I was going to get my ass kicked I proceeded to order a coffee instead. I don’t know why, I like drinking coffee on the weekends. Gets me going. Not so much during the work week though, makes me more tired. So weird huh?






Shit was so delicious! Okay, so I got the regular breakfast which consisted of eggs, potatoes, suasage and a toast. Life boss got a sausage sandwich (think Sausage McMuffin). Man so good! So delicious! We were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was. Okay I just complimented the food like three times. That’s how you know its good. Definitely need to come back with my buddies and have a drink or two here during the summer. Oh, also they do 2 Caesars for the price of 1 during Sunday brunch. I didn’t get it because Life Boss wouldn’t let me. But damn, we definitely need to try that shit sometime okay life boss!? Loved this Sunday!

Written from Toronto, Home on May 5, 2019

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