You should all know what the Buckingham Palace is.  But just in case you don’t know, it’s one of the residency for the British Royal Family.  This palace is usually used when there are special events happening, or special guests that are visiting London.  The palace has been in private ownership (the Royal Family) for at least 150 years.  Actually, I learned that the Royal family owns a lot of private Real Estate in London, and that one of their main streams of income is from tourists (i.e. visiting Tower of London, Windsor Castle etc).


I didn’t go in, although I heard you can go for tours that brings you in to certain parts of the palace.  Maybe next time, but I don’t know if I will enjoy these kind of tours since you are basically looking at empty rooms.  But maybe I will run into one of the Royal Family Members and with some luck, I can join them and be rich.  Fat Chance.

I pass by the Palace every morning during my jogs (I stayed relatively close), and must say in the morning when there are less people, the exterior of the palace is quite warming and calm!

Other things you can do here, is observe the Changing of the Guards.  I didn’t bother staying for this since, well, it’s just people changing shifts.  But in a more official manner. I can probably youtube that anyways.

I have more pictures that I took of Buckingham, but they are all pretty much similar since I took it from the outside, but maybe you can appreciate the different angles of the palace.  Enjoy!



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