White Water Rafting!! This was so fun.  One of the most exhilarating things that I have ever done.  We rafted for two days on the Ottawa River, via Wilderness Tours.  More on that later.  No words can describe the experience of going through river rapids on just a raft.  But man, so fun.  Half the fun is getting soaked in water, the other is the fact that you are rowing through the rapids while your raft is filled with water.  We received basic training, which was basically how to row a boat.  Afterwards, we put on our helmet and life jackets and off we went!


For those that don’t know, the Ottawa river has one of the best rapids anywhere in the world.  So we were lucky to be live so close to it (about a 4 -5 hour drive from Toronto).  As mentioned earlier, we rafted through a company called Wilderness Tours.  Ok, they aren’t really situated in Ottawa (about one hour drive), but I don’t really know the city they are located in, so close enough.

I am not a big camper, but the accommodation isn’t really that bad.  There is no AC, but you don’t really need it since it gets cold at night.  The food was also above expectations.  The first night they served chicken, the second night they served steak.  Of course, since we were rafting the whole day any type of food probably would have tasted awesome.  I found some rafting tours in China, but not sure if I can trust it.  I really want to try it again, and I recommend this to all of you!  Some more pictures from our rafting trip!





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