Mid Autumn Festival 2014!!

Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong! One of the bigger festivals / holidays on the chinese calendar.  The premise behind this holiday is that you should be getting together with family and friends, and enjoy one big meal!  Think of it as Chinese Thanksgiving. So what our family did was we rented out an entire place (we had about 25+ people). There were games for the kids, pool table / karaoke for the adults, and of course food for everyone!


Some more information about this festival, it’s not only celebrated in Hong Kong / China, but also in Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.  Since this is a big festival for chinese people, the day after the mid autumn festival has been declared a public holiday.  The reason why it’s the day after the actual festival, is because on the actual night you should be looking at the full moon while eating moon cake!  Thus you will probably have a late night, therefore the government has kindly given us a holiday =p

One activity that people do (which I haven’t done in a long time) is play with lanterns during the mid autumn festival.  Yes this is tradition where you will light up a lantern, and walk around.  Sounds kind of straight forward and boring, but trust me kids and adults still love to do this!

And even if you don’t celebrate this festival, it’s good to get a holiday out of it =p

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