I really don’t know how to pronounce this restaurant’s name.  Ng Ah Sio.  Yep not even gonna try.  All I know is I will come back here to eat whenever I visit Singapore.  This was one of the best Ribs soup i have ever had.  The soup base was a little bit spicy because of the peppers that they add (but I like spicy so it works for me).  Apparently this restaurant is a big deal, because they actually have a website which is surprising, because from the picture above I thought they would just be a local restaurant and wouldn’t have an presence in the internet.


According to the website, there are three restaurants and one outlet.  I really don’t remember which one I went to, but it is close to the Grand Hyatt.  for those that know singapore well, let me know if you know where this particular one is located!

I should also post a picture up of the food right? here you go!

Here’s a tip when eating here.  You can get unlimited refills of the Pork Bone Soup! Now of course the refill will not come with more ribs, but I really think the star of this meal is the actual soup itself, and not the ribs! I can’t really explain why, you just have to try it out yourself.  You will know what I mean after you have tasted this awesome soup =pp



  1. good choice of food for your visit here in Singapore! glad that you can take enough peppers to appreciate the must try Bak Kut Teh! (;

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