Hello Ottawa!

Wow it’s been since forever I visited. Last time I came here was for white water rafting several years ago (more like 2014), but we were too busy having fun rafting (and risking our lives) and never actually got the chance to see our nations capital. So for the Victoria Day long weekend we decided to make the trek from Toronto to Ottawa, and stayed for a day. So glad we decided to do this because Ottawa you are beautiful!




Yes it was cloudy as fuck that day. So apologizes for the shitty pictures, there was no natural lighting. This was not going to stop us from having a good day though! We started off by walking around the ottawa river. I don’t know if you can tell but you actually see the side walks / streets being flooded. Seems like the river levels were quite high when we visited. I recalled my asshole friend telling me this. Man global warming I am telling you…it’s messing up everything! Kind of scary…


We then came across some tulips (really the main reason why we came). For those that don’t know, during the world war (either the first or second) Canada helped liberate Netherlands. As a token of appreciation, every year the Dutch government sends over tulips as a way to thank the Canadians. Cool! Even though I don’t know how to appreciate the tulips, it was pretty good to read up on that history.



We then saw the Notre Dame Cathedral. The one that didn’t burn down. Is this too early for that? Maybe. I asked Life Boss what the big deal was with these Notre Dame Cathedrals. She said they look pretty. Mmmmm. I guess so….Again I don’t know how to appreciate the architecture or the history. But we still went in anyways to admire the…interior of the church!??



We also saw locks.

Aka the elevator lift service for boats. Basically helps boats reach the Ottawa River. Life boss was explaining it to me. I told her I heard about this in Chicago already. She then got mad at me. What the fuck. How does that even make sense. Sigh. You can never win sometimes in a relationship. Just have to give in to the punishment and take it in strides.




And then finally our last stop was at Parliament hill!

Although it was nice as impressive as the red square or Tienanmen square, it was still pretty beautiful here! Quite a lot of people, I was surprised. I mean it is Ottawa. I thought this place would be dead. Maybe it has to do with the long weekend, but I think in general there is a lot of tours that comes here. I also really liked how it was nice, quiet and calm here. Nothing like the hustle and bustle of Toronto. Life boss also really liked it here so we need to come back and do some white water rafting!




Written from Toronto, Home on May 20, 2019

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